InterStrength™ Mindfully YOU Coach Certification

The InterStrength Mindfully YOU™ Coach certification program will prepare you to develop the necessary skills to guide your clients through the InterStrength Self Discovery Process using our pioneered process, developed by Dr. Linda Berens.

9 x $420.00

3 Certification Combination, with Payment Plan


Community and Connection

Get access to the free monthly Office Hours that take place on the first Tuesdays of every month at 11:00 am to 12:00 noon Pacific time. Learn about the background of the InterStrength™ Approach and the three different lenses used.


InterStrength Essential Motivators Certification 2020-A, Starting January 17, 2020

The InterStrength Essential Motivators™ lens quickly identifies deep, core motivations and talents to inform important life decisions and awareness. It helps us understand ourselves and others, build self-esteem, and deepen relationships.


InterStrength Interaction Styles™ Certification 2020 A Starts June 5, 2020

The InterStrength Interaction Styles™ lens helps establish rapport and greatly affects relationships. It is the most easily observed aspect of your CORE since it is embodied in your communications and movements.


Working Remotely Using Your Interaction Style SuperPowers

Empower yourself for working remotely.