InterStrength Interaction Styles™ Certification 2019 B Starts September 27, 2019

The InterStrength Interaction Styles™ lens helps establish rapport and greatly affects relationships. It is the most easily observed aspect of your CORE since it is embodied in your communications and movements.

9 x $420.00

3 Certification Combination, with Payment Plan


Impact with InterStrength™

Get access to the free weekly Office Hours that take place on Tuesdays at 11:00 am to 12:00 noon PDT. Learn about the background of the InterStrength™ Approach and the three different lenses used.


InterStrength Essential Motivators Certification 2020-A, Starting January 17, 2020

The InterStrength Essential Motivators™ lens quickly identifies deep, core motivations and talents to inform important life decisions and awareness. It helps us understand ourselves and others, build self-esteem, and deepen relationships.