We are so excited to launch the InterStrength™ Mindfully YOU Coach Certification by Linda and Stephanie Berens.

We are opening the doors for this certification for a very special introductory price.

  • Are you feeling drawn to do something even more meaningful with your life while creating a successful practice that fits your schedule and aligns with who you are?
  • Do you want to help people realign with who they are at their CORE, grow, better understand themselves and other people 
  • Would you like to make some extra money, or make a total career change, that involves helping others be the best version of themselves? (Which contributes to overall peace and understanding as a ripple effect)
  • Would you like to develop long term, happy and mindful clients?

The goal of the Mindfully YOU coach is to first, facilitate self discovery and then teach your clients to apply this new knowledge mindfully to stay in alignment with who they are, at their core so they can navigate through life with purpose, on purpose.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is raising of our consciousness so that we are aware of our thoughts, behaviors, psychological needs and interactions. To become mindful we must understand and embrace all of these aspects of ourselves so that we can chose to create a life that is meaningful and in alignment with who we truly are, at our CORE.

The approach that we, InterStrength and our community, take to understanding human behavior, motivation and thinking processes are all part of the path for living Mindfully. Self discovery is a critical component as it allows for revealing and then ownership of innate natural patterns as well as those we have developed. Recognizing others preferred patterns, without judgment, is along the path of living Mindfully as well. 

Many people can give or take a personality assessment but it takes a true healer to guide people along the path of self discovery and mindfulness and to hold our clients accountable as we coach them to stay in alignment and understanding. We need resources and practice to keep these motivational, behavioral and thinking patterns in our awareness. This is one of the many aspects of the Mindfully YOU Coach Certification. 

Become a Certified InterStrength™ Mindfully YOU Coach™. Being in business for yourself can sometimes be a lonely and challenging venture. When you commit to becoming an InterStrength™ Mindfully YOU Coach you receive support and coaching that will help you identify your ideal client, and perhaps who you don’t want to work with. We will help you address the personal and business challenges that arise to reveal a clear path. This is a growth producing certification that covers:

  • Identifying your ideal, soul level client
  • Connecting with your ideal, soul level client 
  • Website 
  • Social media presence 
  • Agreements & Contracts
  • Structure & pricing 
  • Goal setting and laying the groundwork

We also will cover...

  • What is a Mindfully YOU Coach?
  • What a Mindfully YOU Coach is NOT
  • Differentiation of Mindfully YOU Coach (Therapy, Coaching & Consulting)
  • Roles of a Mindfully YOU Coach
  • Requirements of a Mindfully YOU Coach
  • Mindfully YOU Coach disclaimer and code of ethics

Foundations for a Mindfully YOU Coach... 


  • Interaction Styles
  • Essential Motivators
  • Cognitive Dynamics


  • Personality type biases
  • Other biases (age, religion, weight, race, etc)
  • Empathy vs Projection
  • Boundaries
  • Tools & Techniques for continued alignment

What's Included?

This certification component is part of a bundled course that includes: 

Enrollment in all three foundational certification courses (payment plans available):

  1. Essential Motivators (Why we do what what do, our CORE psychological needs) ($1367) Session starts April 26, 2019
  2. Cognitive Dynamics (Our thinking process and patterns)($1367) Session starts July 12, 2019
  3. Interaction Styles (How we interact and communicate with others). ($1367) Session starts September 27, 2019
  4. Plus the Coach component, which  starts March 29, 2019. This component adds the following to these courses and is priced separately for those who have already taken the 3 certification courses. ($967)
  5. Guided lesson plans for Self Discovery
  6. Coaching Processes for helping your clients stay aligned
  7. Listing on the InterStrength website as an InterStrength Mindfully YOU Coach
  8. Strategies for building your business online
  9. Ongoing coaching and support for your business

You can begin practicing the processes as you learn to develop skill and change lives.

The InterStrength™ Mindfully YOU Coach Certification program will prepare you to develop the necessary skills to guide your clients through the InterStrength™ Self Discovery Process using our pioneered process, developed by Dr. Linda Berens, the Multiple Model Approach. By exploring each of the lenses you will: 

  • Help your clients reveal and realign with their CORE self
  • Learn to help your clients discover their core needs and talents, drivers, stressors, preferred roles in interacting
  • Help your clients understand their preferred decision making and thought processes to provide a blueprint for deep understanding of how they think

While most other programs stop at the self discovery piece, we take this much further by coaching your clients to stay mindful and in alignment with who they are. You will develop long and short term relationships with your clients, depending on their needs. Once you have guided your clients through the Self Discovery Process you will help them stay on course and aligned by providing resources and activities to help them use what they’ve learned to keep it relevant and in their awareness, not only as it relates to themselves but also apply the information to their relationships.  

You will be your clients beacon of light and understanding providing a deep foundation that will empower them to be their very best self.  You are here for a reason, you’ve read this far for a reason, join us on this journey!


If you’ve taken our certifications in the past and are interested in becoming an InterStrength Mindfully YOU Coach please contact us for your personalized path. If you have taken all 3 Certifications, you are ready to sign up for this course. If you have taken one or two of them, contact Stephanie@InterStrength.org for how to arrange to get the other components and take advantage of this special offer.

Your Instructors

Stephanie Berens 

MBTI, CORE self, temperament, Essential Motivators, Interaction Styles, Cognitive Dynamics, Personality Type

Stephanie serves as co-founder of InterStrength, managing partner, self-discovery coach and facilitator for InterStrength. Stephanie's education is in Behavioral Studies and Communication as well as a deep understanding of diversity and personality type and has been immersed in this business since 1995. She has been extensively trained and mentored by Linda Berens throughout her life and has used that knowledge of psychological type in all aspects—from coaching, to helping build businesses, to applications to sales and marketing. Her professional experience with psychological type ranges from roles managing Business Development, as Training Manager, and in CRM for a training, consulting and publishing company. Her current roles allow her to follow her passion of helping people understand one another, communicate well, and work more effectively together as well as build a business that is dedicated to serving others. She is a Certified Coach Practitioner and specializes in helping people realign with who they are, at their core, so they can live their best life with happiness and abundance.

Linda V. Berens

MBTI, CORE self, temperament, Essential Motivators, Interaction Styles, Cognitive Dynamics, Personality Type

Linda serves as co-founder of InterStrength, lead architect of certification, model development and transformational change programs for InterStrength. She is a human and organizational development practitioner who has been teaching professionals since 1982 as well as helping individuals and teams recognize their strengths, transcend their weaknesses, and work more efficiently together. After founding Temperament Research Institute in 1983, a corporate consulting and training organization dedicated to individual differences, she turned her attention to developing a more complete and integrated look at individual differences through the Integral framework. Linda is recognized internationally for her theoretical contributions to the field of psychological type and for developing user-friendly training materials for practical application of understanding individual differences.She is the author or co-author
of multiple books and training materials.

In addition to holding a license as a California Marriage and Family Therapist and a doctorate in psychology, she also holds certification as a Holacracy Facilitatorand in Integral Transformative Leadership from Pacific Integral and the LIOS Graduate College at Saybrook University.

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