InterStrength™ Mentorship Circle

Weekly Support and Deeper Dives for InterStrength™ Alumni

This is a private course accessible only using the private link given to candidates who have taken one of our certification courses or one of our 5 day intensives. 

If you landed here by accident and are not sure if you are eligible complete the application here. 

We've heard from many of our graduates that they would like to be part of an ongoing learning community. Courses are helpful, but what about when you are putting it to use? Wouldn't it be great if you could...

  • Have continual access to Linda and Stephanie Berens and others who have been working with personality type in this new way.
  • Talk things over with others who are also trained in the InterStrength CORE Approach (formerly called Berens CORE)? 
  • Get in on the latest developments in the lenses and the methodology
  • and more

Now you can! Join our Mentorship Circle.

The primary purpose of the Mentorship Circle is to provide a place for you to tap into your inner genius, receive ongoing community, supervision and support. Investing in your training has elevated you to another level of excellence and increased your power to impact those you work with. Joining a community connects you to like-minded individuals who share the same passion for helping others, continues your education and provides meaningful networking opportunities.


  • Free access to refresher certifications
  • Ongoing personal and professional development 
  • Weekly one-hour, online meetings (live and recorded for later access)
    • Every other Monday at 4pm PST, starting with March 30
    • Every other Thursday at 10am PST, starting with March 26
  • Mentoring and coaching from Linda and Stephanie Berens
  • Case consultations
  • Access to member's only discussion and learning platform
  • Member discounts on course offerings
  • $77 a month (that's less than $20 a meeting!)
Linda Berens and Stephanie Berens
Linda Berens and Stephanie Berens
InterStrength Co-Facilitators

About the instructors

Linda V. Berens

Linda V. Berens serves as co-founder of InterStrength, lead architect of certification, model development and transformational change programs for InterStrength. She is a human and organizational development practitioner who has been teaching professionals since 1982 as well as helping individuals and teams recognize their strengths, transcend their weaknesses, and work more efficiently together. After founding Temperament Research Institute in 1983, a corporate consulting and training organization dedicated to individual differences, she turned her attention to developing a more complete and integrated look at individual differences through the Integral framework. Linda is recognized internationally for her theoretical contributions to the field of psychological type and for developing user-friendly training materials for practical application of understanding individual differences.She is the author or co-author of multiple books and training materials.

In addition to holding a license as a California Marriage and Family Therapist and a doctorate in psychology, she also holds certification as a Holacracy Facilitator and in Integral Transformative Leadership from Pacific Integral and the LIOS Graduate College at Saybrook University.

Stephanie Berens

Stephanie Berens serves as co-founder of InterStrength, managing partner, coach and facilitator for InterStrength. She has been extensively trained and mentored by Linda Berens throughout her life and has used that knowledge of psychological type in all aspects—from coaching, to helping build businesses, to applications to sales and marketing. Her professional experience with psychological type ranges from roles managing Business Development, as Training Manager, and in CRM for a training, consulting and publishing company. Her current roles allow her to follow her passion of helping people understand one another, communicate well, and work more effectively together as well as build a business that is dedicated to serving others. She is a Certified Coach Practitioner and specializes in strategies to help reduce conflict and communicate effectively.